Be­ing in a Bi­en­na­le – In­ter­view #03: Kier­an Long

[Video] befragte Aussteller und namhafte Besucher in den Giardini und im Arsenale der 16. Architekturbiennale von Venedig über den Einfluss und die Rolle solcher Grossveranstaltungen. Im Lauf des Sommers 2018 werden wir diese Video-Interviews in loser Folge publizieren. In Folge 3: Kieran Long.

Yony Santos
Head of education | Architekt | Redaktor

Freestanding – ArkDes (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design), mit Petra Gipp und Mikael Olsson
Präsentationstext auf der Biennale-Website:

Freestanding focuses on three canopies from three of Lewerentz’s most famous religious buildings: the Chapel of the Resurrection at the Woodland Cemetery (1925), Stockholm; the Chapels of St. Knut and St. Gertrud at the Eastern Cemetery, Malmö (1943); and St. Mark’s Church at Björkhagen, Stockholm (1960). Simple in form, these canopies are central to the ritual meaning of the buildings they correspond to, contributing significantly to the visual image of the churches they accompany. The three structures were completed across the span of Lewerentz's career, each designed in a different architectural style to one another. Despite this stylistic diversity, they all create places for public life between the scales of the landscape and the interior.

Through drawings, photography, and large-scale models, Freestanding unfolds the spatial power of the canopies in the form of a three-act play: an inhabitable, sectional scenography and a fabric of experiences that suggest ways in which extra spatial gifts can form the heart of the experience of a place, a ritual, and a landscape.

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