Being in a Bien­nale – In­ter­view #2: An­gela Deu­ber

Video befragte Aussteller und namhafte Besucher in den Giardini und im Arsenale der 16. Architekturbiennale von Venedig über den Einfluss und die Rolle solcher Grossveranstaltungen. Im Lauf des Sommers 2018 werden wir diese Video-Interviews in loser Folge publizieren. In Folge 2: Architektin Angela Deuber.

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Yony Santos
Head of education | Architekt | Redaktor

Physical Presence – ADA Angela Deuber Architect
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In the school in Thal, Switzerland, Angela Deuber liberates space with structural clarity. The Cluer House on the Isle of Harris, Scotland modifies the stony, evocative landscape, claiming new territory. Distant views are captured between a new roof and attic landscape. «Being in this house is to be forgotten but perfectly secure and free» (Divisare).

For this Exhibition, exploring a theme of overriding the border between inside and outside, of dissolving boundaries, of being aware of integration and continuity of space and contexts, Angela Deuber uses drawing as the method of overlap, to merge the boundaries of traditional architectural drawings; a speck of white in the sea of colour becomes the anchored place for the project; site plans and site sections carve into landscape; plans and sections of buildings hover; three-dimensional drawings fuse plans and sections; large scale colour modifications refer to construction methods.

What Deuber calls Analytiques is a type of palimpsest, which merges and layers the varying scales of architectural drawing. We would like the visitor to stop and search these panels and give each of them time, because as you search these drawings you learn to unravel the stories of the buildings they depict.

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